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Hot-rolled angle

I bar




Rolled wire

Gypsum plasterboard systems

Profiles for gypsum plasterboard ware

Gypsum plasterboard

Mounting hardware

Reinforced profile for plastic ware

Finishing agent




Construction chemistry

Tying products

Joist web

Custom-built metal ware

Tying products.

Self-gumming tape

Self-gumming tape Self-gumming tape for gluing on junction between gypsum plasterboards, with further filling of junctions. Width of tape is 5sm, length - 20 m, 45 m, 90 m, 153 m.

Sound-absorbing tape

Used to compensate the irregularity and to provide tight connection of directional plasterboard partitions (boarding) to building constructions. Decrease also the transmission of sound vibrations from/toward building constructions.

DenominationWidth, mm
Sound-absorbing tape (under Pn27) 30
Sound-absorbing tape (under Sn50) 50
Sound-absorbing tape (under Sn75) 70
Sound-absorbing tape (under Sn100) 95

Perforated angle

Perforated angle

To border external angles of gypsum plasterboard constructions, prevents the damage of angle. Length - 2,5 m, 3 m.

  • Perforated aluminium angle - weight - 0,038 kg/m
  • Perforated zinc-coated angle - weight - 0,216 kg/m


Arched PVC angle

Used to keep curvilinear external and internal angles from damage.. Length of angle is 3m.

Bent angle, coil.

Used to keep internal right angles from damage. Length of angle is 30m.

Screed zinc-coated guide.

Screed guide.

For making of directional ones under right rail in one vertical surface for high-quality plastering of the surface with "wet" method. Length of a rail - 2,5m, 3m.

  • Rail with the height of 6 mm - weight - 0,100 kg/m
  • Rail with the height of 10 mm - weight - 0,130 kg/m

Heat-and-sound isolation

тHeat-and-sound isolation Heat-and-sound isolation Heat-and-sound isolation materials URSA are used for acoustic and thermal preservation. Isolating materials are made from glass wool and are formed in rolls and flags. All isolating materials URSA are easy to cut with sharp knife. Placing the flags, attention should be paid to conformity of edges of the flats, rolls at the junctions with ceiling, floor and between themselves. The placing of the heat-and-sound isolation material is realized in the creation process of framework for plasterboard, after the fixation of straight hanger and before the assembling of the profiles (isolation of walls and ceilings inside of apartment). While creating the separate walls of gypsum plasterboard, heat-and-sound isolation is put between stand profiles (C-50;C-75;C-100) and is covered with gypsum plasterboard from both sides. While internal smoothing of external walls, vapor sealing tape should be put between the layer of isolating material and decorative material (gypsum plasterboard) with according resistance to diffusion of water vapor.

Isolating materials, which are used to assemble gypsum plasterboard constructions.

  • URSA M-11-50, 21,6 m² (р=11 kg/m³)
  • URSA M-11-100, 10,8 m² (р=11 kg/m³)
  • URSA FDP 1/V, 15 m² (р=15 kg/m³)
  • URSA FDP 2/V, 15 m² (р=25 kg/m³)
  • URSA RF 40/B1,18,6 m² (р=12 kg/m³)
  • ROCKMIN 50 7,2 m² (р=50 kg/m³)
  • ECOKAM 12 m²
  • ECOKAM c фольгой 12 m²
  • ISOVER KT-11-50, 16,8 m² (р=11 kg/m³)
  • ISOVER KT-11-100, 8,4 m² (р=11 kg/m³)

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