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Joint-stock company Kievmetalprom is a plant of cold shaped metal.

The history of joint-stock company Kievmetalprom originates from soviet times. December 6, 1976 the decision about building of metal nesting workshop was made according to the USSR Council of Ministers resolution №1079 about measures for USSR State Supply System development of service production preparation for industrial use in urban village Kalinovka, Vasilkov district, Kiev region. Basic building works were completed in 1984, in 1985 the kitting and preparation for deployment was also finished. In 1985 State Supply of Ukraine created separate enterprise on base of the workshop by order №206 About the organization of Kiev Research Enterprise for metal production supply dated 16.05. This enterprise began to produce the material blanks of sheet metal-roll and section metal-roll, tubing, joist web, profiled metal sheets, baling band and other ware of improved manufacturing readiness.

Enterprise includs:
- manufacturing building #1
- manufacturing building #2
- three stores for raw materials
- store of integrated products.
Basic equipment for laying out and cutting of sheet metal, production of profiled sheet metal, hot-rolled shape, flat bar and is set in manufacturing building №1, which is built by firm Aspo (Finland), total area of 10008 square kilometers.
The toolroom for production of roller constituent profiled unit, repair and tooling production is set in manufacturing building №2, total area of 11665 square kilometers.
Working area of storehouse is 19623 square kilometers.

September 1994, public corporation Kievmetalprom was created, the founders were corporate enterprise Kievmetalprom and Ukrainian State ownership fund.

Lately public corporation Kievmetalprom dynamically develops, particularly the equipment for production of cold-shaped and cold-roll shape has been bought, new tools for new and earlier used rolling lines are made, the stamps for press, matrices and puncheons for sheet bending machines are made.
It gives an opportunity to increase amount of products. 8 types of profile for gypsum plasterboard systems and stamped mounting hardware, more than 36 designations of reinforcing profiles for plastic windows, new types of flooring and cold-rolled candies, shaped tubing and other production. Besides the enterprise develops as the metal shopping center for sheet metal and section metal-roll of large producers. The amount of services gives the opportunity to assert that Kievmetalprom is one of the leading metal centers.

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